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Caller Tag Reference

Place these caller tag anywhere on the template to replace the caller tag with the pertinent information.

Caller TagPurpose
Order Details
%order_date%Date the order was placed.
%order_id%Order number.
%savings%Savings totals.
%savings_code%Coupon code used.
%shipping%Shipping total.
%shipping_name%Name of shipping option selected.
%tax%Tax total.
%tax_rate%Tax rate applied to order.
%total%Order total.
%weight%Total weight of the order.
Billing Information
%first_name%First name
%last_name%Last name
%address_line_1%Address line 1
%address_line_2%Address line 2
%zip%ZIP/Postal Code
%card%Last four digits of card.
%card_exp%Expiration date of card.
Shipping Information
%ship_first_name%First name
%ship_last_name%Last name
%ship_address_line_1%Address line 1
%ship_address_line_2%Address line 2
%ship_zip%Zip/Postal Code
%ship_directions%Special directions provided by user at this of checkout.
Sub-template Caller Tags
%products%Uses the email_cart_receipt_entry sub-template to render all products purchased with this order.


Caller TagPurpose
%product_name%Product name.
%product_price%Product price with currency symbol added.
%product_description%Product long description.
%product_description_short%Product short description.
%product_qty%Quantity of the product purchased.
%cost%Total cost, with quantity considered.