Subscriptions allow you to charge users at a regular interval for access to content.

Selling Subscriptions

To sell a subscription, you simply need to create either a "subscription-type" product or a "trial-type" product. Click here for information on creating products.

Once your product has been created, you can assign it to a registration form, or sell it through the cart catalog. When a user registers from the form or purchases the product through the shopping cart, the subscription will automatically be created for the user. A scheduled expiration will be created for all content and newsletters sold by the product purchased.

Notice About Non-API Subscriptions

Note that for API payment gateways, subscriptions will always be automated as long as you have elected to store credit cards from the Store Credit Card Information setting in the program options.

For non-APIs, the process is different. Some gateways have full integrations which allow you to create subscriptions through the merchant gateway. You can find a list of these gateways here, under the "Non-API Gateways" section. Others have no subscription support, which means that users will have to manually renew their subscription when it is due for renewal.

Manually Creating a Subscription

In order to manually create a subscription for a user, from the admin control panel:

  1. Load the user management screen belonging to the account for which you are creating the subscription
  2. If the user does not have a credit card on file, you will first need to add one. Click on Add Credit Card to do this.
  3. Once you have added a credit card to the user's account, click on Create Subscription.
  4. Select the product that you wish to assign to the subscription. If you need to input a custom price, you will be able to do that by editing the subscription at a later time. For the time being, the program needs to know what product to associated with the order. The content settings associated with the selected product will be assigned to the user's account when the subscription is charged, which is based on Next Charge Date.
  5. In the Next Charge Date, select the date on which you wish to charge this subscription for the first time. This is important, as the subscription will not be billed immediately. The user will only gain access to the content associated with the Product selected when he/she is charged for the first time.
  6. Click on "Create Subscription"

Managing Active Subscriptions

You can manage active subscriptions from the admin control panel:

  1. Click on "Cart » Subscriptions"

All active subscriptions are listed on this page. You can view filter the list based on a number of criteria using the "Show Filters [+]" button. This will also allow you to export subscriptions.

Creating Linked Subscriptions

Linked subscriptions allow you to create "levels" of subscriptions.

Reminder E-Mails

The program will automatically email the user when all of the actions occur (all of these are e-mail templates):

  • Subscription is successfully charged (email_subscription_renewed)
  • Subscription fails to charge (email_subscription_failed)
  • Subscription cancels due to excessive failed attempts (email_subscription_canceled)
  • Credit card on file is set to expire in 1 month (email_card_expiring)

If you wish to send reminder emails before a subscription renews, you can set these up from "Cart » Subscriptions » Reminders".

Taxing Subscriptions

The program can be set up to charge tax on applicable subscription products. In order to use this system, you simply need to set the Charge tax on subscriptions? setting to "Yes" from "Settings » Shopping Cart Options".

Note that the program determines whether tax will be charge through tax classes and the user's billing state/country (the information associated with his/her credit card), so please ensure that those are set up properly if you are experiencing issues with the program charging tax on recurring subscriptions.