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Product Dependencies

Product dependencies allow you to impose certain requirements for the purchase of a product.

Creating Product Dependencies

Before you can create a dependency, you must first create a product. To do that, follow the directions provided here.

Once you have created a product, do the following from the admin control panel:

  1. Click on "Cart » Products"
  2. Find the primary product you wish to associate this attribute product with, and click on "Options » Create Dependency"
  3. You will be presented with two sections: existing dependencies for this product, and a box to create new dependencies. Please see the descriptions below for more information on what each dependency type does.
  4. Once you have created the dependency, save the changes to complete the process.

Field rule

A field rule will require that a user submit a field when purchasing a specific product. For example, if you were selling telephone lines and wanted to allow the user to select a phone number, you could create a "Field Rule" that required that the user submit the "phone" field with the purchase.

You can use any custom field in the database for field rules, so please feel free to create custom fields as needed before creating a dependency.


TypeIf the user purchases this product, does he/she need to enter the field once per unit in the cart, or just once overall?
FieldSelect the field that the user will need to enter when purchasing this product.

In Practice

After creating the field rule, the program prompt the user to fill the requested information following a successful payment. On the "Thank You" page, a "Continue" link will appear that will redirect the user to the dependency form. Note that you can redirect users to this page at any time using this link:

  • ID Here

The link will be valid until the user has submitted his/her information. At that point, he/she will not longer be able to view the page.

Viewing Submitted Information

You can view the information submitted through the dependency form from "Cart » Sale History". Select the order for which the information was submitted to view the dependency data.

Product Rule

A product rule will force a specific quantity of another product into the cart when a user purchases the product for which the dependency is being created.

Requirement Rule

A requirement rule will ensure that a user must have a specific product in their cart before they can add the product for which the dependency was created.