Credit Cards

Storing Credit Cards

If you are using an API payment gateway, you can elect to store credit cards locally on your server in an encrypted database table. Note that there are security risks to doing this, and you will need to be]].

To store credit cards, simply set the Store Credit Card Information setting to "Yes" from "Settings » Shopping Cart Options"

Expiration Reminders

The program will automatically remind a user that his/her card is going to expire 1 month before it expires. This is controlled by an e-mail template which can be edited from "Templates » E-Mail Templates » Credit Card Expiring in 1 Month"

Managing Credit Cards

Updating a Card

You can update or add a credit card to a user's account from the user management screen. Simply click on Add Credit Card or View Credit Card to create/edit a card.

Manually Charging a Card

If you are using an API payment gateway, you can manually charge a user's card. To do this:

  1. Load the user management screen for the account you wish to charge
  2. Click on Charge Credit Card
  3. Input your transaction details.
  4. Click on "Charge Card (Only click once!)"

The user will be notified of the transaction via e-mail, the same as if they had purchased through the shopping cart.

Allowing Users to Manage Their Cards

Users can manage their credit card details from the member control panel.

Viewing a List of Credit Cards on File

You can view a list of credit cards currently on file by clicking on "Cart » Subscriptions » Credit Cards"