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  • 2012/07/02

Creating Cart Categories

Cart categories provide you with a way of organizing the various products that you are selling into logical groupings. For example, if you go to, you'll see that they categorize products into "Books", "Movies, Music & Games", "Electronics & Computers", etc., and then take that a step further by created sub-categories within the primary categories. Member Guardian allows you to do exactly this.

Creating a Category

To create a category, from your admin control panel:

  1. Click on "Cart » Cart Categories"
  2. Click on "New"
  3. Five boxes will appear. You do not need to input data for all of them. Instead, create as many categories as you need and leave the rest blank. See the "settings" section below for more information.
  4. Save the changes.


NameA name for the category.
DescriptionA generic description for the category. This will appear on the cart catalog. We recommend making it short and sweet.
SubcategoryControls which category this category will be categorized in. Base Category means that it will appear on the cart catalog homepage.
ImageOptional. This is a generic image that will serve as the "thumbnail" for the category. Note that the program does not crop images, so you will need to manually crop the image to the correct dimensions before uploading it.
Organize Products ByControls have products are categorized within the category.
Name: Alphabetically, A-Z.
Price: By price, low to high.
Ordering: Based on the ordering established by dragging and dropping products from "Cart » Products"

Ordering Overrides

You can allow users to manually order the cart catalog based on price or name, as well as the direction of the ordering and number of results to display, using a standard link on the "Cart: Catalog" template. Possible link components include:

order"price" or "name"
dirASC or DESC
pagePage to display. Defaults to "1".
displayNumber of results to display per page.

So an example link that would organize a cart category by price, highest to lowest, displaying 21 results per page would be:

  • ID&page=1&display=21&order=price&dir=DESC

Categorizing Products

There are two ways to categorize products: when your are creating/editing a product, select a category for the Category setting, or you can drag and drop products into their respective categories from the "Cart » Products" page.

Accessing a Cart Category

You can access any cart category from the cart catalog using the following link format:

  • ID


Your cart categories are automatically rendered on the "Cart: Catalog" template. To render the categories, the program will use the "Cart: Catalog: Category Entry" (sub-template of "Cart: Catalog") template, once for each category. It will then replace the %categories% caller tag on the "Cart: Catalog" template with the rendered categories.

You can also employ the %base_categories% caller tag to display a list of categories that are found in the base category of your cart catalog.