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Cart Catalog

The cart catalog is the front-end of your shopping cart. All of your cart categories and products will be listed through you cart catalog.[1]


The cart catalog can be accessed from:

Cart Catalog Product Listing
View Cart Catagory ID Here
View Product Page ID Here&action=view_product


In order to render the cart catalog, the program uses a series of templates ("Templates"):

View Cart CatalogCart: Catalog
Product PageCart: View Product Page

Controlling Products That Are Displayed

You can limit which products are and aren't displayed within the cart catalog by editing the Exclude From Catalog setting on any product.

Common Issues

Product images aren't appearing

  • Ensure that the "members/custom/cart" folder is set to permissions 777. This can be done using a FTP Client.
  • If you changed the name of the "members" folder, ensure that the Member Guardian Folder Name setting ("Settings » System Paths") is set up to correctly reflect the folder's name.
  1. The only exception to this is if the "Exclude From Catalog" setting is activated for a product.