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Billing Information Screen

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The billing information screen is the page a user will see after clicking on "Checkout" from the cart. Note that the billing information page is only used for API payment gateways. If you are using a 3rd-party gateway like PayPal, users will instead be redirected to PayPal at checkout.

1Cart OverviewProvides an overview of the user's order.
2Shipping CostThis is based on two factors: standard shipping rates, as well as special shipping rules. Click here for more information.
3TaxTotal tax based on Tax Classes. Note that for the order pictured above, the "Sample Shipped Product" is the only product that has a tax class assigned to it, therefore that tax is on charged on that product's total, rather than the order total.
4SavingsTotal savings based on the coupon code that was applied to the order. In this case, 20% off the entire order.
5Existing Credit CardsA list of existing credit cards on file for this user. This will only appear if the user is logged into his/her account and has a credit card on file. Note that you must be using a API payment gateway and the Store Credit Card Information setting must be set to "Yes" for this to work.
6Billing InformationBilling address and contact details for the order.
7Shipping OptionsShipping options, based on standard shipping rules created within the cart settings. These will only appear if a physical product has been added to the cart.
8Payment TypeAllows the user to select between "Credit Card" and "Invoice". Note that you can turn off the invoicing option from the program options using the Allow Invoicing setting. Click here for more information on invoicing.