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  • 2012/07/02

Add to Cart Links

"Add to Cart" links allow you to either e-mail or place a "Add Product to Cart" link throughout your website without having to rely on the template system to generate proper links.

Basic Link Format

The basic link is as follows:

  • ID Here

Additional Parameters

usernameForce-associated this order with a specific username. This is very important for e-mail marketing and ensuring that the user who purchased the product receives access to the appropriate content. For e-mails sent from Member Guardian, you can simply use the Guest caller tag to have the program fill in the account's username that you are e-mailing.
qtySpecify a quantity of the item to be added into the cart.

Package Links

The program allows you to add multiple products into a cart a once. The format for this is as follows:

  • 1 ID:Quantity 1,Product 2 ID:Quantity 2

So if you wanted to add "1" unit of product ID "10", and "3" units of product ID "59", you would use this link:


Note that you can also use the "username" parameter to ensure that it is associated with the correct account.