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  • 2012/07/05

Cart Overview

The shopping cart allows you to sell access to content through products. To get started with the shopping cart, follow these steps:

  1. Select your payment gateway
  2. Establish your basic cart options (see below)
  3. Set up your tax classes
  4. Set up your shipping options
  5. Customize your cart templates.

Basic Cart Options

The bulk of cart options are located at "Settings » Shopping Cart Options". Here is a breakdown of some of the less-obvious ones:

Auto-Account Creation?If set to "Yes", the program will automatically create an account for a user who purchases from the shopping cart. The only time an account will not be created is if (1) the user is purchasing a product as part of a registration, (2) a username has been associated with the purchase through a "purchase link", or (3) the user is logged into an account at the time of his/her purchase.
Require User Login to Use Shopping Cart?This establishes where the user will be cut off during the cart process and requested to register or login.

View Catalog: The user cannot see the cart catalog.
View Cart: The user can see the cart catalog, but cannot view his/her cart or checkout.
Checkout: The user can see the cart catalog and his/her cart, but cannot checkout.
None: The user can use the cart without being logged into an account. If this is selected and a non-logged in user checks out, the program will automatically add a "Register or Login" section to the billing information page.


Select your currency from the list located in the "Cart" section of the admin control panel. The program will automatically place the currency symbol around all prices throughout the program.

Terms and Conditions

If you wish to have users agree to terms before making a purchase, input (in full HTML) your terms and conditions into the Cart Terms and Conditions field located in the Settings section of the admin control panel.

If you choose to use this feature, the user will be forced to accept these after clicking on "Checkout" but before inputting his/her billing information. The template that controls the terms and conditions page is entitled "Cart: Terms and Conditions".

Testing Transactions

You can establish a "loophole" credit card number from the "Cart" section of the admin control panel. Input any random set of letters and numbers into the Loophole Card setting and save the changes.

To use this loophole card, you simply need to input the number you set up as your Loophole Card into the credit card number field at checkout.

Gateway Fees

If you know what your gateway charges for transactions, you can input the percent taken from each transaction as well as the per-transaction fee into the Percent Taken setting.

Note that fees are for reference only and will not be subtracted from order totals or daily sales totals. For official fees charged, please consult your payment gateway control panel.