Effective Use of Criteria Through Form Fields and User Groupings

The following guide will use the Member Guardian website as an example of how to set your program up to effectively use the criteria system. Of course, this is just one example, but we hope that following this guide will at least give you a better understanding of how to:


User Group and Protected Folder Setup

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We established six user groups and one protected folder:

NameTypeAccess GrantersPurpose
AffiliatesUser GroupingAffiliate Signup FormDenote a user as an affiliate in the database.
Demo UsersUser GroupingN/AN/A
Facebook UsersUser GroupingFacebook Connect ModuleMeans the user registered through the Facebook Connect module.
Google OpenID UsersUser GroupingGoogle OpenID ModuleMeans the user registered through the Google OpenID module.
HelpdeskProtected FolderPurchase Registration FormGrants the user access to our helpdesk.
Pre-Sales LeadsUser GroupingContact FormMeans that the user contacted us with a pre-sales inquiry.

Form Setup

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Our website has three primary forms, all handled by Member Guardian. Each of these forms has a separate goal, which is what determined our user group structure.

Product Setup

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We established several products, but as far as this guide is concerned, the only one that matters is our "Member Guardian" product, which has the following settings:

  • Type: Single-purchase
  • Extend Account: 6 Months
  • Content Access Controls: Helpdesk, Member Guardian Users

Custom Autoresponder Setup

We designed two custom autoresponder campaigns:

  • One for pre-sales leads.
  • Goals: On top of our staff answering your inquiries, we wanted to establish a series of autoresponders keeping us in touch with you after long periods of silence. The key to this system is using the "Email Opt Out" system to stop automated replies once human-to-human contact has been established.
  • One for post-purchase users.
  • Goals: Several e-mails are sent at different intervals to help our new users get acquainted with our software.

Pre-sales Campaign Criteria

This campaign has fours e-mails. The criteria is the same for all of them except for the timeframe establishing when to send the e-mail.

Followup No. 115 minutes[1]User Group: Pre-Sales Leads
Followup No. 24 Days
Followup No. 314 Days
Followup No. 41 Month

Post-Purchase Campaign Criteria

Bringing It All Together

The key to this is that the outgoing custom autoresponders are using the user group criteria that we established through our forms and products to control who receives the emails. You could very well use any field in the database to drill this down even further. Perhaps you want one campaign for users in the "United States" (select "United States" as your country criteria), and another for users in "Canada" (select "Canada" as your country criteria). Or perhaps you want to email users based on their zip code. The possibilities are endless as long as your user groups and fields are logically established.

Another common scenario is wanting one pre-sales campaign for users from one form, and a different pre-sales campaign for a users from another form. By setting up a user group for each form, and then setting up the forms to grant access to the correct user groups, you can then targer your emails to the correct set of users.

  1. Despite this being set to 15 minutes, autoresponders are dependent on the cron job. So when the e-mail is actually sent could be delayed based on how often the cron job is set to run.