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  • 2013/04/08

Using Multiple Gateways At Once

While the program requires that you select a primary gateway, you can allow users to checkout using different payment gateways by adding links to your shopping cart page as follows:

For example, if you wanted to use PayPal, you would replace Gateway_Name_Here with PayPal in the above link.

You can get a list of gateway names from the dropdown menu at Cart. Please note that these gateway names are CaSE SeNSitIve!

But First, Activate the Gateway!

Please also note that you will need to save your gateway's settings to use this feature. Do that by selecting your desired "extension" gateway from Cart. Input your credentials for the gateway and save the changes. Once saved, that information is stored in the database, allowing you to restore your "Default Gateway" by selecting it within the dropdown and saving the changes.

Default Gateway

Remember that the payment gateway that is selected in the dropdown is your default gateway. So if you want Authorize.Net (for example) to be your default gateway, you MUST select it and save the changes after savings your secondary gateway's information.