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  • 2012/07/04

PayPal Websites Payments Pro


API Gateway[1]Yes
Automate subscriptions[2]Yes
Auto-account cancellation when subscription lapses[3]Yes
Option to store credit cards in the system.Yes
Option to store credit cards on the payment gateway's servers.No
Charge credit cards from the admin control panel.Yes
Checkout through the billing information screen.Yes

Common Issues

Payments won't process

Ensure that cURL is working on your servers. You will need to contact your web hosting provider to test the feature's functionality.

Subscription all fail to rebill

Since it is against PCI Compliance regulations to store a credit card's secret CVM number, the program can only send the card number and expiration when it rebills a subscription. Unfortunately, however, PayPal requires a CVM to process a transaction. That's the bad news. The good (?) news is that they also allow you to purchase an upgraded package which allows you to process payments without a CVM. So you will need to purchase this upgrade from PayPal if you wish to charge subscriptions with this gateway.

  1. This allows for on-site transactions without the user having to leave your website.
  2. Meaning that the user will not have to manually re-submit payment when their subscription is due.
  3. If not available, you will need to manually cancel a user's account when a subscription lapses.