PayPal Standard

This article only covers PayPal standard (non-API). Please see the PayPal Websites Payments Pro article for information on the API.

Selecting PayPal as Your Gateway

From your admin control panel:

  1. Click on "Cart"
  2. Select "PayPal" as your gateway
  3. Input your PayPal account details and select your settings (see section below)
  4. Click on "Update Gateway"


PayPal E-MailThis is your PayPal account e-mail.
Use IPN or Loose Rules?"Loose Rules" will ignore the additional checks that come with the IPN. We recommend that you use the IPN unless this isn't possible for some reason (perhaps you are using it already for another piece of software).
Secret ReturnThis is the most important setting. You will need to ensure that change this to a random string of letters and numbers. We recommend it be between 15 and 25 characters long. Once you have decided on a secret return, you will need to use an FTP Client to rename the "89238491825.php" file to "Secret Return.php".

PayPal Setup

From your PayPal account:

  1. Click on "My Account » Profile"
  2. Click on "Website payments preferences"
  3. Set "Auto-Return" to "Yes"
  4. Set your return URL to Return.php
  5. Save the changes.

IPN Settings

To establish your IPN settings, do the following from your PayPal Account:

  1. Click on "My Account » Profile"
  2. Click on "Instant Payment Notification Preferences"
  3. Click on "Choose IPN Settings"
  4. Set your "Notification URL" to
  5. Save the changes.

Common Issues With PayPal

User pays, but the order doesn't appear in MG and the account isn't activated

If user accounts are not being created following a purchase, this is almost always caused by users not clicking on the "Return to Merchant" link after placing their order through PayPal.