First Data


API Gateway[1]Yes
Automate subscriptions[2]Yes
Auto-account cancellation when subscription lapses[3]Yes
Option to store credit cards in the system.Yes
Option to store credit cards on the payment gateway's servers.No
Charge credit cards from the admin control panel.Yes
Checkout through the billing information screen.Yes

Common Issues

Payments won't process

Ensure that cURL is working on your servers. You will need to contact your web hosting provider to test the feature's functionality.

The payment screen lags and then either times out or gives a "No Connection" message

Check with your web host to ensure that port "1129" is open. Port 1129 is required for transactions handled through the First Data module.

Connection Gets Refused

Check with your web host to see if your web server requires a CA bundle to be sent with the cURL request.

Errors Authenticating Account

Ensure that you have uploaded your PEM file to the server. You can do this from the First Data module settings from the admin control panel (click on "Cart").

  1. This allows for on-site transactions without the user having to leave your website.
  2. Meaning that the user will not have to manually re-submit payment when their subscription is due.
  3. If not available, you will need to manually cancel a user's account when a subscription lapses.