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Payment Gateway Overview

The shopping cart allows you to sell access to content through products. In order to start selling products, you will first need to set up a payment gateway.

Selecting a Payment Gateway

  1. From the admin control panel, click on "Cart".
  2. Under "Payment Gateway", select your payment gateway.
  3. An additional panel will appear below the "Payment Gateway" section.
  4. Input the requested payment gateway credentials and save the changes.

API Payment Gateways


  • Automated subscription renewals,
  • Users can manage credit cards directly from the member control panel,
  • Charge user credit cards from the admin control panel,
  • Users never leave your website to make a purchase.


Storing Credit Cards Locally

An API payment gateway allows you to automate subscriptions and store credit card numbers locally. Note that if you choose to store credit card numbers locally, your website must be PCI compliant. If you would rather not store credit cards locally, you will need to use one of the following payment gateways:[1]

To store credit cards locally, go the "Settings", click on "Shopping Cart Options", and set the Store Credit Card Information option to "Yes". This information will be encrypted in the database, although the encryption is two-way encryption. Should the information be compromised, the offending party would require a unique SALT key to decrypt the information. Click here for more information on password security.


For users who are PCI compliant, we recommend any of the API-gateways currently integrated with Member Guardian.

For users who wish to use an API gateway but are not PCI Compliant, we recommend using the CIM to process and store credit cards.

For users who wish to use a non-API, we recommend PayPal, if only because people trust it. All non-APIs are essentially the same, so you can't go wrong.

Non-API Gateways

Some non-API gateways are more extensively integrated than others. Specifically, PayPal, OGone, Internet Secure and Verotel have extensive integrations allowing those websites to handle subscriptions as opposed to Member Guardian.



  • For many, you cannot automate subscriptions,
  • For gateways that can automate subscriptions, you will still need to manually cancel a user's account should the subscription expire,
  • User must leave your website to make a payment. This means that in many cases, the user must also click on "Return to Merchant" after their purchase to complete the process. Should the user not click that link, his/her transaction will not be processed in Member Guardian, resulting in his/her account not being activated, or his/her account not being credited with the purchase.
  • Cannot manually charge a credit card.
  1. Note that we are constantly working to improve and expand this list!