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  • 2012/07/09

Caller Tag System

Note that caller tags are case sensitive. So %fiRSt_Name% is not the same as %first_name%!

Caller tags are a "find and replace" system used by the program to populate e-mails and templates with specific pieces of information. Callers tags are formatted using a "percent sign" "caller tag" "percent sign" format. Some examples:

FieldCaller Tag

As you can see, for custom fields, you simply need to surround the field name with percent signs for this to work.

Scope of Use

The system only works for any function handled directly by the program. Therefore simply placing a caller tag anywhere on your website won't do anything (for that, please see this article). In general, the caller tags can be used:

  • On any HTML Template,
  • On any E-Mail Template,
  • And on any outgoing e-mail sent from within Member Guardian

Caller Tags By Template


Every template has its own unique set of caller tags. Available caller tags are listed directly below the template's edit box when altering its content.


Note that all outgoing e-mails can include any custom field as a caller tag. Included in this set are:

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