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  • 2012/07/08

Cron Job


The cron job is an automated process that performs all of the following tasks:

  • Sends custom autoresponders,
  • Renews subscriptions,
  • Creates a regular backup of your member database,
  • Expires accounts

In order to set up the cron job, you will need to log into your web hosting control panel and create a cron job with the following command:

0 */1 * * * php /full/server/path/to/members/admin/cron/cron_overview.php

This tells the program to run a "php" program located at "/full/server/path/to/members/admin/cron/cron_overview.php" every 1 hour. Note that you need to update the path to properly reflect the full server path on your server to the "cron_overview.php" file.

Changing Frequency

If you need the cron job to run more (or less) than once an hour, you can create it with any of the following settings. Note that we do not recommend running it more than once every half hour, as doing this can strain your server's resources, especially when you have a larger user/subscription database.

*/30****php /full/server/path/to/members/admin/cron/cron_overview.phpEvery 30 minutes
0*/1***php /full/server/path/to/members/admin/cron/cron_overview.phpEvery hour
0*/3***php /full/server/path/to/members/admin/cron/cron_overview.phpEvery 3 hours
0*/6***php /full/server/path/to/members/admin/cron/cron_overview.phpEvery 6 hours

Common Issues

Crom may not be running properly

If you are receiving a "Your cron may not be running properly" error message, please try all of the following:

  1. From your website's (not Member Guardian) control panel, ensure that the cron job is properly created and set to run every 1-2 hours. Your web host can help you create the cron job if you unsure whether it is set up properly.
  2. Ensure the the file permissions are set to 755 for the "admin/cron/cron_overview.php" file.
  3. Open the "/admin/cron/cron_overview.php" file and ensure that tthe "$FSP" variable reflects the path to your Member Guardian folder. You can find this path from the admin control panel under "Settings » Program FSP".