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  • 2013/10/25

Installation Instructions

Step-by-Step Setup

  • Download the latest program files from your Member Guardian account.
  • Unzip the files to your local computer.
  • Using an FTP Client, upload the files to your web server. We strongly recommend uploading the files into a folder named "members".
  • Once uploaded, set the permissions on the following files and folders to 777:
  • /cda_login.php
  • /cms_code.php
  • /cross_domain_login.php
  • /sessions/
  • /custom/cart/
  • /custom/uploads/
  • /member_cp/user_data.php
  • /admin/cron/cron_overview.php
  • /admin/attachments/
  • /admin/imports/
  • /admin/system/
  • Using a web browser, visit the Member Guardian setup page:
  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation.
  • Once complete, delete the "setup" folder from your server.
  • Finally, set the permissions on the "/admin/cron/cron_overview.php" file to 755.

Cron Job

If you plan on using any of the following features you will need to set up a "cron job":

Click here for more information on creating the cron job.

Getting Started

Congratulations, the program is now installed! We recommend reading the "Getting Started" guide for a list of common first steps most users take after installation.

Common Issues

MySQL Connection Errors

  • Ensure that the MySQL database information it correct. You can contact your web host for the correct credentials.
  • If this happens after installation, open the "admin/system/mysql.php" file. Where it lists your MySQL password, if your password has either a double-quote or dollar sign character in it, replace the variable with single quotes:
$mysql_password = "mypa$sword";


$mysql_password = 'mypa$sword';

My templates are all empty

If you access the template editor and there is no data in any of the templates, this is most likely a problem with cURL on your server, or that there was a communication issue with our servers during installation. You can try to manually restore the templates, but if that doesn't work, you will need to contact your web hosting provider to request that they investigate the possibility that cURL isn't working on your servers.

Blank Screen

If you are experiencing blank screens when you attempt to access different pages of the program, please confirm that the templates are all populated in the template editor (see above question). If that doesn't work, open the "admin/functions_general.php" file and replace this:

if (empty($FSP)) {
  $FSP = getFinalPath();

With this:

$FSP = '/full/server/path/to/members';

Be sure to replace "/full/server/path/to/members" with the actual full server path to the members directory.

Professional Services

Your order comes with a free installation. However, if you need the program re-installed and would rather have our technicians perform the installation, you can purchase an installation by clicking here.