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  • 2012/07/09

Manual Conventions

The following conventions are used throughout the owner's manual.


By default, the program will refer to the location at which you have installed the program as:


Note that if you installed the program into a directory other than "members", you will need to adjust the examples given in this manual to match where you installed the program on your server. You will obviously also have to update the "" domain to your actual domain.


Any text highlighted in blue indicates the name of a control panel option or setting.

Content Requiring Your Attention

Any text highlighted in red indicates an item, such as a form ID, account username, or field input, that you will need to manually update when using the provided code snippet, URL, or performing the task being described.

Caller Tags

Any text highlighted in orange is used to represent a caller tag.

User vs Member vs Account

For the purposes of this manual, the terms "user", "account", and "member" are interchangeable. They refer to a person on your website who has registered an account in your Member Guardian software.