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  • 2012/07/09

Getting Started Guide

Secure Your Content

The first step is generally to secure all of the content on your website that will be off-limits to non-members.

Set Up Your Cart Settings

Whether you are using the full shopping cart or just charging for subscriptions, you will still need to select your payment gateway.

Set Up Your Products

If you plan on selling access to your secure content, we recommend creating your subscription products.

If you plan on using the full shopping cart to sell content on top of your subscriptions, we also recommend creating a logical organization of cart categories.

Set Up Your Custom Fields

If the standard set of fields are not enough for your purposes, we recommend creating your custom fields at this point.

Set Up Your Registration Forms

Once you have established your custom database fields, we recommend creating your registration form(s).

Integrate Your Templates

While you can also use the standard templates, if you want the "white labeling" illusion to be completed, we recommend (at a minimum) integrating your header and footer with Member Guardian.

  • Click here for a practical guide on how to integrate your header and footer with the templating system.

Activate Your Modules

If you plan on using your any third-party modules, now would be a good time to activate them.

If you are using a CMS such as Wordpress, click here for information on how to secure your CMS.