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  • 2012/07/03

Targeted Emailing

Targeted e-mails are mass e-mails that can be sent to all users or users matching specific criteria. You can use any custom field within the database as your criteria for establishing who will receive a targeted e-mail, or if you prefer, you can not specify any criteria to e-mail all members in the database.

Sending a Targeted E-Mail

To send a targeted e-mail, from the admin control panel:

  1. Click on "E-Mailing » Targeted E-Mail"
  2. Input your desired settings (see below)
  3. If tick the Preview members who will receive this e-mail before sending checkbox, clicking "Send Targeted E-Mail" will not send the e-mail. Instead it will allow you to preview all of the members who will receive it.
  4. To send the e-mail, make sure that the Preview members who will receive this e-mail before sending is not ticked and click on "Send Targeted E-Mail"
  5. The program will batch send the e-mail according to Batch Size setting.[1]


Reference NameA generic name that will used to reference this e-mail in the outbox logs.
TrackbackIf you select this option, the program will track when the user had read the email. Click here for more information.
SaveSaves a copy of each e-mail sent by the program. So if this targeted e-mail reaches 8,000 users, 8,000 copies of the e-mail will be placed in the database. This is a requirement due to the trackback system
CriteriaIf you do not select criteria, the program will e-mail all users. However, if you do select criteria for the e-mail, only users matching the selected criteria will receive the e-mail.
  1. Note that if you are using Hourly Batching, the program will limit how many e-mails are sent hourly based on the E-Mails Per Hour option.