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  • 2012/07/03

Email Formatting

Outgoing e-mail use a standard header/footer system:

  • Header
  • E-Mail Content
  • Footer

Note that the header and footer used on the outgoing e-mail is a template. There is a set of templates for plain text e-mails, and a set for HTML e-mails, therefore the templates used for the header and footer are affected by whether you are sending e-mails in HTML or plain text format. You can edit both sets of templates from "Templates » E-Mail Templates".

Bypassing the Standard Header/Footer

On most outgoing e-mails, the program will allow you to tick a checkbox to "bypass" using the standard header and footer. If you tick these checkboxes, the content that you input into the e-mail's body is exactly what your users will see.

How to Never Use a Standard Header and Footer

To do this, simply edit the following templates, deleting all of the template content:

  • Universal E-Mail Header (HTML E-Mails)
  • Universal E-Mail Footer (HTML E-Mails)
  • Universal E-Mail Header (Text E-Mails)
  • Universal E-Mail Footer (Text E-Mails)

By removing all of the content from the template, the program will still "add" the header/footer to the outgoing e-mail, but since there is nothing to add, there will be no standard header or footer on your outgoing e-mails.