Common Emailing Issues

E-Mails are not sending

There can be mountain of reasons why e-mails may not be sending out. Please consider all of the following before creating a ticket from our helpdesk:

Check Your Template Status

If a template isn't sending out, please ensure that the Status setting is set to "On" from "Templates » E-Mail Templates"

Does Your Webhost Impose an Hourly or Daily Cap?

If you are sending a mass e-mail, and some e-mails are being sent but not all, please contact your web hosting provider to ensure that you don't have an hourly of daily limit on outgoing emails. This is a very common issue that confuses many users!

Alternatively, you can turn on the "Hour Batching" feature from the program settings:

  • Click on "Settings » E-Mail Options"
  • Set the Use Hourly Batches setting to "Yes"
  • Set the E-Mails Per Hour to your hourly limit.

Note that hourly batching only works for newsletters and targeted e-mails. The program cannot control the output of custom autoresponders or templates. If you believe this is going to cause problems, even with hourly batching activated, we recommend setting the hourly number lower than the actual limit (to take into account other e-mails being sent out), or bypassing these restrictions altogether using a 3rd-party API solution such as Mailgun. Please create a ticket from our helpdesk for details on how to integrate Member Guardian with Mailgun.

Check Your Spam Folder!

Please please please, check spam folders before jumping to conclusions! More and more e-mail clients are defaulting to placing e-mails in the junk/spam folder unless it is in your address book.

Has the User Opted-Out of E-Mails?

Check the user management screen for the user who is not receiving the e-mails to ensure that he/she has not opted out of e-mails from the system. Opting out prevents any e-mail sent through Member Guardian from reaching the user.

Ensure that your mail server isn't blacklisted

Take a moment to check your mail server's IP to ensure that it isn't black listed as a "spam" server using this utility.

Custom Autoresponders Aren't Sending or Are Sending to the Wrong Users

There are several reasons why this might be happening:

  1. 90% of the time, the criteria that you've specified does not match what you are actually trying to send. Check your criteria and establish a logical set of user groupings to help improve criteria-based e-mailing.
  2. If you add a custom autoresponder, any user who joined before that autoresponder was created will not receive the e-mail unless you select the Do NOT exclude any users currently in the database setting when creating it. You can edit the e-mail to alter this setting, however be careful, as changing this will re-send the e-mail to anyone who has already received it! Ideally, just select this option when creating the autoresponder to avoid headaches.

I Want to Send E-Mail in Plain Text

You can select the format of outgoing e-mails from "Settings » Basic Options » HTML E-Mails? » No".

Note that the program will allow you to override this setting for specific templates and e-mails. Therefore, consider this the default setting when composing an e-mail unless you specify otherwise.

How Does the Program Establish the "From" Line on E-Mails?

The program will use the Company Name and Company E-Mail settings found at "Settings » Basic Options" to determine the "From" line on outgoing e-mails.

Note that you can custom the "From" line on most templates and outgoing e-mails. However if none is specified, the program will default back to this format.

Outgoing E-Mails are Not Formatted How I Want Them To Be

Please click here for more information on how the program renders outgoing e-mails.

HTML E-Mails are not Formatted Properly

Most e-mail clients will not accept standard CSS styles unless they are built into the elements themselves. This is known as "inline styling". That means that you can't link to a style sheet in an outgoing email and expect it to work properly. Instead, you need to use inline styles on all elements. Click here for a tool that automates inline styles.

Do Not Include a <head> Section

Many email clients, Gmail notably, may not display email messages that contain a <head></head> section. Try removing that from your outgoing email.