Emailing Overview

Types of E-Mails

There are several types of e-mails available to you in the program:

Targeted E-Mails

Targeted e-mails are mass e-mails that can be sent to all users or users matching specific criteria.

Custom Autoresponders

Custom autoresponders allow you to send out e-mails at specified times. Autoresponders can use the criteria system to filter out who will receive the outgoing e-mail. This allows you to create "followup campaigns".

Please do not confuse autoresponders with e-mails templates. Autoresponders are intended primarily for follow-up campaigns and reminder e-mails, while templates are triggered when specific tasks are performed in the program, such as a registration being completed or a shopping cart purchase being completed.

E-Mail Templates

E-mail templates are preset e-mails that are sent out when specific tasks are triggered in the program.


A newsletter is a mass e-mail to which users can subscribe and unsubscribe that generally covers a specific topic.

Custom Actions

Custom actions are e-mails that are sent when a specific task is triggered by the user. These work on top of e-mail templates, allowing you to contact additional people other than the user who triggered the act and yourself.

A good example would be a reseller who needs to notify a distributor when a specific product is purchased. Creating a custom action would notify the distributor, while the a cart receipt would be e-mailed to you and the client who purchased the product.

Direct E-Mails

These are e-mail sent directly to a single user. You can send a direct e-mail from the user management screen by clicking on "E-Mail User".

E-Mail Tracking

You must opt to save a copy of the outgoing e-mail for this feature to work!

The program allows you to track who has opened an email. This system is known as the "Trackback" system. When sending an email, simply tick the "Trackback" checkbox to add a tracking image to the outgoing e-mail. Note that since the program relies on a tracking image, the user must accept to view images for the system to track the email being opened.

Accessing Trackback Data

Trackback data can be seen from the "E-Mailing » Outbox" page. Next to the "type" column you will notice a small star. If the star is red, no trackback was added to the outgoing email. If it is green, the email has been opened. If it is gray, the email has not yet been opened.

Hover your mouse over the arrow for more details.

Important Considerations

Please take a moment to learn about the following topics before sending e-mails with the system: