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Member Control Panel

The control panel is a central location from which the users can do all of the following:

  • Update account information (including their password).
  • View a list of protected folder they have access to.
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe from any newsletter marked as "Allow users to subscribe".
  • View a list of their current subscriptions, as well as cancel current subscriptions and restart canceled subscriptions.
  • View a history of their transactions through Member Guardian.
  • View a list of files they have uploaded to their account.

Unless you change the login redirection rules, the member control panel is the first thing that a user sees after logging in.


The member control panel is located at the following location and is only accessible if a user is logged into his/her account:


Establishing Updatable Fields

In order to establish a set of fields that the user can update, do the following from the admin control panel:

  1. Click on "Settings » Login Options"
  2. Find the option entitled Updatable Fields
  3. Select the list of fields that you wish to allow users to update. The first checkbox adds the field to the page, while the second checkbox determines whether it is required of not.

Requiring Regular Account Updates

On top of Updatable Fields available from the members control panel, as part of the login system, you can choose to require that users update specific information at regular intervals when they login. Click here for more information.

Posting Alerts to Control Panels

On top of login announcements, the program allows you to post alerts to a specific account or to all accounts. Alerts appear on the member control panel after a user logs in.

Creating an Alert

To create an alert, you will first need to load the user management screen from the admin control panel for the member you are posting the alert to. Once there, do the following:

  1. Scroll down to the section labeled "Account Notes"
  2. Select "Standard Alert". If you want the alert to appear on all users' accounts, select "Universal Alert".
  3. Input the contents of the alert.
  4. Click on "Add Note".

The alert will now appear a fixed number of times, based on the Display Account Alerts setting.


All member control panel settings can be found at "Settings » User Control Panel Options". Here's information on some of the less-than-obvious settings:

Disable User CP?If set to "Yes", the user will not be able to access the member control panel. You will instead have to create a custom update account page to allow the user to update his/her account.
Display all Protected Folder in User CPBy default, the program will only display a link to protected folders that the user has access to. If you set this option to "Yes", all protected folders, regardless of whether a user has access to it, will be displayed.
Display all Newsletters in User CPBy default, the program will only display newsletters that the user is subscribed to. If you set this option to "Yes", all newsletters, regardless of whether a user is subscribed to it, will be displayed.
User CP Feature: *This series of options determines whether to display the specific feature "*" on the member control panel. Setting it to "No" will remove the link from the member control panel and prevent the user from using it.