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  • 2012/07/05

Lost Password Recovery System

The lost password recovery system allows a member to either recover their current password (method 1) or reset their current password (method 2).

Method 1

This method will email the user his/her current password. It works regardless of whether you set the Encode Passwords? option to "Yes".

Note that we recommend using Method 2 over this method.

Method 2

This method will re-issue the user's password in the database. Doing this is preferred over the above method, as it means that the user's actual password is not visible in the plain-text email sent upon recovery.


Unless you choose to create a custom lost password template, the program will use the following templates for the lost password system:

  • HTML Template: "Lost Password Recovery"
  • Note that you can design a custom form if you do not wish to use the standard template.
  • E-Mail Template (Method 1): "Password Recovery: Type 1"
  • E-Mail Template (Method 2): "Password Recovery: Type 2"

Post-Recovery Redirection

The program allows you to redirect the user to a custom page set up within the Lost Password Options: Redirect option.

If nothing is specified for that option, the program will redirect to the login page instead.