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  • 2012/07/04

Login Announcements

A login announcement is a message that appears to the user after he/she logs in, but before he/she is redirected to your secure content. You can have multiple announcements at once, and each can have its own criteria.

Creating an Announcement

You can establish login announcements from the admin control panel by doing the following:

  1. Click on "Members » Announcements"
  2. Click on "New"
  3. Input your desired settings (see below).
  4. Click on "Add Announcement"


TitleA title for this announcement.
Start DateA date on which this announcement will become active. The program will not even consider showing it until this date.
End DateIf you select "Expires on Specific Date" for this setting, the program will stop showing the announcement after the specified End Date.
Times to DisplayIf a user matches all of the criteria for seeing this announcement, this setting controls how many times it will be displayed to them.
Announcement FormatThe format in which to compose this announcement.

Full HTML: write the announcement using full HTML markup.
Partial HTML: You can use HTML markup, however if you choose not to use it, the program will automatically add line-breaks for you.
Announcement ContentThe content of the announcement.
Protected Folder and User Group VisibilityControls whether all users will see this announcement, or only users belong to specific user groups and protected folders. Note that this is inclusive, meaning that if select three different user groups, the user will only have to belong to one to see the announcement.


Login announcements are rendered through the templating-system. The template in question is entitled "Announcements (Login)" and can be edited from "Templates » HTML Templates".


Alerts are like announcements, except that they appear on the member control panel rather than having their own page. Click here for more information on alerts (read the section entitled "Account Notes").