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  • 2012/07/04

Granting Access to Content

Selling Access to Content

You can sell access to content in one of two ways:

The two processes are separate, with some features being disabled in either setting:

FeatureRegistration PurchaseCart Purchase
Subscription ProductsYesRequires that a user be logged in, or that the user used a payment link with the username parameter.
Single-Purchase ProductsYesYes
Billing Information ScreenYesYes
Product DependenciesNoYes
Attribute ProductsNoYes
Select QuantityNoYes


The following templates are used following a successful purchase. The templates are different for purchases made during the registration process and purchases made from the cart. This allows more flexibility when designing you "Thank You" pages.

FeatureHTML TemplateE-Mail Template
Registration PurchaseRegistration: Post Purchase Thank YouRegistration Complete
Cart Purchase: Receipt
Cart PurchaseCart: Post Purchase Thank YouCart Purchase: Receipt

Granting Free Access to Content

If you would rather grant free access to content, you can do this in one of the following ways:

  1. The user will still have to go through the checkout process, they just won't have to input billing information.