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  • 2012/07/01

Cross Domain Logins

Your license only allows for a single installation of Member Guardian, therefore you cannot install the program on a 2nd domain unless you have two licenses. For this reason, even if you secure folders on another domain (permitted with one license) you will still need to manage all users from the primary domain's installation of Member Guardian. The only file that your license allows you to copy is the "cda_login.php" file.

The program allows you to process logins over various websites presuming that the websites are all on the same server and have access to the database into which Member Guardian is installed.

Setting up the System

  1. Protect the folder on your secondary domain.
  2. While securing the folder, select the "vDomain?" option.
  3. A new field will appear named "Base vDomain". Input the domain name of the secondary domain in the manner of "". So if you securing "", you would enter "".
  4. Using a text editor such as Notepad, open the file entitled cda_login.php and ensure that line 18 is properly set to the absolute path to the Member Guardian folder. The cda_login.php file is located within the "members" directory.
  5. Using an FTP client, create a folder named "members" on the domain on ""
  6. Copy the cda_login.php file into the newly-created "members" folder on the secondary website.

Important Considerations

  • Users will only be logged into the secondary domain if their account has access to the protected folder.
  • If you have renamed your "members" folder on your primary domain, you need to make the name of your folder on (step 5 above) match the name of the Member Guardian directory name on your primary domain.
  • All logins need to go through the primary domain's "login.php". Note, however, that you can create a custom login form on your secondary domain, it would just have to point to the primary domain's "login.php" file.
  • The same rules apply for registrations and lost passwords: all must be process through the primary domain. In other words, you CANNOT create copies of those files without the purchase of an additional license. You can however create a custom registration form and custom lost password form.