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  • 2012/07/04

Closed Registration Forms

A closed registration form is a form that requires an "access code" to use. Access codes are issued by employees through the admin control panel.

Creating a Closed Registration Form

Add a form the same way you would any, however ensure that you activate the Restrict Registration and Exclude From List settings when creating the form.

Although note required, we strongly recommend that you make all closed registration forms "Template Generated". Since Member Guardian has no control over "Stand-Alone" pages, setting the Template Generated setting to "Template Generated" will ensure that a user cannot "guess" the location of your registration page.

Issuing Codes

Once you have created a closed registration code, do the following from the admin control panel to issue codes:

  1. Click on "Settings » Registration Forms"
  2. Find the form in question, and click on "Options » Issue Codes"
  3. A popup window will appear with two options: "Issue codes to specific emails" and "Issue a fixed number". Issuing to specific e-mails will send a code directly to the e-mail you enter, while issuing a fixed number will issue codes without e-mailing anybody.
  4. Complete the process by clicking on "Issue Codes"

If you have chosen to issue codes by e-mail, the program will issue format the outgoing e-mail according to the "Issue Registration Codes" e-mail template, which can be edited from "Templates » E-Mail Templates".

Managing Issued Codes

You can view a list of issued codes from the admin control panel:

  1. Click on "Settings » Registration Forms"
  2. Find the form in question, and click on "Options » View Codes"

The resulting page will have all codes that have been issued for this registration form. If the row is grayed out with italic text, this means that the code has been used.

Custom Application Integrations

Many users choose to use this feature along-side custom actions, or even custom applications outside of Member Guardian. If you wish to link your application with this feature through custom development, please see the practical example guide provided here.