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  • 2012/07/02

Assigning Orders to An Affiliate

If for whatever reason you need to assign an order that has already been placed to a user, you can do this from the admin control panel by following these steps:

  1. Click on "Cart » Sale History"
  2. Click on the order ID that you wish to assign to the user.
  3. In the Assign to affiliate setting, input the username for the affiliate to which you wish to assign this order.
  4. Click on "Assign" to complete the process.

The program will use the affiliate's settings to determine the commission.

Reasons Why Commissions May Initially Be Assigned

Possible reasons for why a commission may not be assigned to an affiliate at the time of purchase can include:

  • The user who made the purchase did not use the affiliate link,
  • The user who clicked the link cleared their cookies between the time they clicked the link and the time they made the purchase,
  • The user waited too long to make his/her purchase without re-clicking the affiliate link, thereby allowing the affiliate cookie to expire. Note that the affiliate cookie expires 1 year from the time the user initially clicks it, so this is highly unlikely,
  • The user who clicked the link is using a browser that doesn't support cookies. This is highly unlikely as they would not be able to purchase through the shopping cart if this were the case.