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  • 2012/07/02

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are the method by which the program sets the cookie which will be detected by the shopping cart at the time of a successful purchase. Affiliates will not receive credit for their commission unless they use an affiliate link.

Link Formatting

The standard affiliate link looks like this:

  • ID

The affiliate's ID is available from their member control panel, or from the admin control panel under "Cart » Affiliate Program » Users". Note that you can also use the affiliate's username as the "id":

  • Username

Optional Components

Optionally, user can add the following components to the link:

tagA tag that can be used to track where a click came from. These tags are tracked on the member control panel, which allow affiliates to track which of their links are most effective.
redirectURL to which the user clicking the link will be redirected. This must be a full valid URL:

Full Example

  • ID&redirect=Redirection URL&tag=Tracking Tag