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Affiliate Program Overview

The affiliate program allows you to provide commissions to users who place an "affiliate link" on their website.


You can establish settings for the affiliate program from the admin control panel by clicking on "Settings » Affiliate Program Options". Here is a breakdown of each setting:

Hide Affiliate Program?If set to "Yes", only users who are currently affiliates will see the affiliate program link within their member control panel. Otherwise all members will see the link and be able to sign up for the program. Click here for more information methods of enrolling users.
Default to Monetary Payout?Is set to "Yes", the program will credit the user with a monetary commission. If set to "No", the program will first attempt to detect an active subscription for the product selected in the Subscription Product to Extend setting, and if found, extend it based on the timeframe established in the Subscription Extension Time Value setting.
Subscription Product to ExtendDetermines which product is eligible for extension if the Default to Monetary Payout? setting is set to "No".
Subscription Extension Time ValueEstablishes a timeframe by which a subscription will be extended if the Default to Monetary Payout? setting is set to "No".
Payout Rate?Default commission percentage. Note that these settings can be customized for individual users.
Minimum Account Balance Before Payout?Establishes a minimum balance before the user will become eligible for a payout. The program will not even display payouts on the admin control panel until this threshold has been met.
Timeframe for Fund Release?Timeframe before a commission becomes eligible for a payout. The program will not display a commission unless it has met this timeframe.
Redirect Affiliate Referrals?Allows you to specify a full URL to which users clicking an affiliate link will be redirected. Note that a link with a custom redirect will override this. If left blank, users will be redirected to the cart catalog.
Affiliate Product Enrollment ProductEstablishes a product that, when purchased, will automatically create an affiliate account for the user. Note that there are other way to charge for enrollment.
Multi-tiered Commissions?If set to "Yes", all applicable renewing subscription renewals will be credited with a payout rate based on the Multi-tiered Payment Rate setting. In order for a subscription to be applicable, it must belong to a user who registered through an affiliate's link.
Multi-tiered Payment RatePayout rate for multi-tiered commissions.

Individual User Settings

You can set individual payout rates, minimums, and release timeframes from the user management screen of the admin control panel.

Deactivating the Program

To deactivate the program, simply set the Hide Affiliate Program? setting to "Yes" and do not create a method of enrollment.