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User Management Screen

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The user management screen is the central "hub" from which you can manage a user's account.

1Account NoticesAny important notifications about this account will appear here (see "Account Notices" section below for details)
2LinksUser link section. (see "User Links Section" below)
3Primary Account DataThe primary information for the user's account.
Update Password: Password are never visible on the control panel. You can however update an account password using this field.
Flag Exemption: If set to "Yes", this user will be exempt from password sharing abuse checks.
Max Logins: If set to anything other than "0", the user will only be able to log into his/her account the specified number of times.
Start Page: Establishes a page where this user will be redirected when he/she logs in. Please see login redirection rules for more information.
Expires: Controls the general expiration date for this account. Note that an account may be set to "Lifetime" but content can still expire (more information).
4Billing DetailsProvides a breakdown of all purchases made by this user. If you are storing credit cards, links will appear here allowing you to manage the user's credit card.
5Custom Field SectionsCustom database fields are displayed here. Sections are created using custom fields with type "Admin CP Section. Click here for more information on fields.
6SubscriptionsDisplays a list of all active subscriptions for this user.
7StatisticsDisplays general statistics for this account. Please see the "Statistics" section below for details.
8Uploaded FilesA list of files uploaded by the user from his/her user control panel.
9Account NotesAllows you to create admin-only account notes as well as account alerts. Please see "Account Notes" below for more information.
10Content Access and User GroupingsDisplays a list of all protected folders and user groupings that the user has been assigned to, as well as the scheduled expiration for each.
11Newsletter SubscriptionsDisplays a newsletters to which the user is subscribed, as well as the scheduled expiration for each.
12Affiliate Program OverviewOverview of this user's affiliate program settings. Initially, these will take on the program's default settings.
13Require User UpdatesAs part of the regular updates feature, you can use this section to force a user to update his/her account next time he/she logs in. Note that you will need to turn on the feature first!

Account Notices

This section of the user management screen will provide you with important information about this account that needs your attention. Here is a list of possible messages you will see:

Registration UnderwayThis message informs you that the user is currently going through the registration process. It is highly recommended that you not alter the account unless you are certain that this user isn't in the process of registering, in which case you can click the Automate the completion of this registration link to complete the process. Click here for common reasons why a registration may be incomplete.
Account Requires ActivationAn administrator needs to manually activate this user's account.
Awaiting E-Mail ConfirmationThe program is waiting for the user to activate his/her e-mail address.
Account PausedThe user's account is paused. He/she can no longer log in.
Account ExpiredThe user's account has expire. He/she can no longer log in.
Concurrent Logins: High LikelihoodThe program has detected over 10 concurrent logins, which means that there is a very good chance that the user is sharing his/her password.
Concurrent Logins: Medium LikelihoodThe program has detected between 3 and 10 concurrent logins, which means that there is a good chance that the user is sharing his/her password.
Account LockedAccount has been locked due to an excessive number of failed login attempts. Note that this could signify a brute-force password cracking attempt, although this isn't as likely as the user having simply forgetting his/her credentials.

User Management Links

Many of these links are self-explanatory, so here is a breakdown of the less-than-obvious ones:

Silent LoginThis link allows you to log into the user's account without effecting the login totals or password sharing abuse system.
E-Mail ArchivesA history of all e-mails sent to this users through the program.
E-Mail Opt-OutIf you opt a user out of e-mails, he/she will no longer receive any e-mails from the system. This includes targeted e-mail, newsletters, custom autoresponders, templates, system e-mails, and direct e-mails.
Printer-Friendly VersionGenerates a more printer-friendly view of the user management screen.


IPIP of the user you registered the account.
SourceSee "Source" section below.
Pwd AbuseAssessment of the user's password sharing probability.
ConcurrentDisplays concurrent login information. The number reflects the total number of concurrent logins detected for this account, while the word reflects the program's determination of the severity of this number.


The "Source" helps you track how a user's account was created in the system. Possible sources for a user account can include:

Added By employeeThe user's account was created from within the admin control panel by employee.
Registration FormThe user registered from a registration form. The program will display the name of the form from which the user registered.
Google OpenIDThe user registered through the Google OpenID module.
Facebook ConnectThe user registered through the Facebook Connect module.
Cart Auto-CreationThe account was automatically created by the shopping cart. This requires that the Auto-Account Creation? setting be set to "Yes".
Unknown Registration FormYou will see this message if the user registers from a form that has since been deleted.
N/AAlthough highly unlikely, if for whatever reason the program doesn't have a record of where the user registered from, the program will return a "N/A".

Account Notes

Standard NoteCreates a note on this user's account that will appear only to employees on the user management screen.Admin control panel
ImportantCreates a note flagged as "Important" on this user's account that will appear only to employees on the user management screen.Admin control panel
Standard AlertCreates an alert that will appear on the user's member control panel. Click here for more information on the alert system.This user's member control panel only
Universal AlertCreates an alert that will appear on all users' member control panel.Member control panel for all accounts
Universal NoteCreates a note that will appear on all user management screens throughout the admin control panel.User management screen for all accounts

Accessing This Page

You can access this page in any of the following ways:

  • Search for a user in the top right search bar,
  • Click a username link found throughout the admin control panel,
  • Click on "Members" to sort users and click any username