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Database Backup

Database backups can be automated using the cron job. This article is for manual database backups.

Standard Program Backup

The program allows you to perform a full backup of the entire MySQL database at any time. To backup your database, do the following from the admin control panel:

  1. Click on "Settings » Import & Export"
  2. Click on "Database Backup"

The program will generate a full backup of your database and place it within the "admin/imports" folder on your server. The backup will be stored in a folder with today's date as the name.

Backing Up Using phpMyAdmin

The program's default backup is in the CSV format. Many users prefer to have the backup in SQL. If you wish to do this, you will need to use a MySQL management tool like "phpMyAdmin" to do this.

From phpMyAdmin, you simply need to select the database that contains the Member Guardian tables and click on the "Export" tab.

Please contact your web hosting provider to determine whether your server has phpMyAdmin installed on it. Otherwise you can download and install the program for free from here.

Common Issues

Backups are not working: nothing is appearing on my server

If you are not seeing the backup folder within the "admin/imports" folder, you need to ensure that the "admin/imports" folder is set to permissions "777". This can be done using an FTP Client.