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Control Panel Overview

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The administrative control panel is the "heart" of the program. It is from here that you will be able to manage everything.

  1. Primary navigation menu
  2. Sub-navigation menu
  3. Instant search: covers members and transactions
  4. Employee management panel. For administrators, the "Manage Employees" link allows you to create and manage employees who have access to the admin control panel, as well as the permissions they have throughout the control panel.
  5. Recent Activity Logs. Note that you can control what information appears on this list from "Settings » Recent Activity Log Options"
  6. Version, update, and cron status. Note that important notices about available updates and incorrectly functioning cron jobs will appear here, so please check it often.


You can access the admin control panel from:



On a number of pages throughout the admin control panel, you will find a button entitled Show Filters [+]. This button is extremely useful for a number of functions:

  • It allows you to sort the list you are currently viewing based on specific criteria,
  • In some cases, it will allow you to export or print the data you are viewing.